About Us

Reiki For Life Now is based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Hi, I’m Nina and Reiki For Life Now is a business that began in 2019 to bring Reiki to you, to empower you to become the best version of yourself in your everyday life. I passionately believe that Reiki can help all of us in one way or another, hence the tag line, “To be our best Self and reach our full potential” as I am aiming to be that for myself too.

Photo of Nina and her dog at sunset as the full moon rises behind them

I truly believe that we can all benefit from the incredible energy of Reiki. I have seen how it has helped others and experienced my own transformation with it, to being a far calmer, happier person that has the ability to cope with whatever life presents. Wobbles happen, of course, but they seem smaller and easier to navigate now!

My own Reiki journey began in the late summer of 2015 when a shoulder injury meant I was barely able to move my right arm. As with most challenges, the timing was terrible as I was cooking for 20 teenagers on a rowing camp in a remote part of Wales. My shoulder felt better with my hand continually on it and on the third day, I noticed myself repeating over and over in my mind “heal, heal, knit together, heal” and visualising this happening. I was astonished the following morning when I woke to find I was pain-free and had regained almost the full range of movement. Within another 24 hours it was completely normal again. During this episode, a conversation with a friend – thank you Mel πŸ™‚ – produced the lightbulb ‘Reiki’ moment and I have never looked back.

I began my in-depth Level 1 Usui Reiki training with the incredible Jayne at YouReiki in Telford the following month in September 2015 and by August 2018 my Practitioner Level 2 had been completed. An Introduction to Counselling course, followed by Level 2 in Counselling Theory and Level 3 in Counselling Skills from January 2018 to July 2019 has added to my skillset on a therapeutic level, enhancing my ability to be truly present with you. I continued my Reiki training in October 2019 and completed the Reiki Master Level 3 in January 2022.

I look forward to meeting you and empowering you to become your best Self and fulfil your potential, in whatever way that may mean.

With love, light and best wishes,

Nina x