Well-being & Mindfulness

Well-being and mindfulness sessions are offered in a group space or individually, to learn how to be fully present in the moment, with our energy grounded and centred, as the one for now that Soul intends us to be.

Most of our daily stress comes from being too much in the busy mind which takes us out of being fully present in the moment. This busy mind has us either replaying past experiences and conversations or imagining future ones (often negative based scenarios) or going through our mental to-do list, amongst many others.

These well-being and mindfulness sessions will teach you how to ground the busy mind so the higher mind, wisdom and intuition can be present, guiding you forward, and will give you the time to practice this during the sessions so you know how to help yourself in your own space. You will learn how to centre and ground your energy which is an essential part of being balanced, whilst also providing the opportunity to learn how to be fully in the moment, receiving healing from your Spirit (that blend of us that Soul put together to achieve your life purpose and flourish in this life) as you ground and centre.

Being fully present in the moment benefits us by giving us a greater ability to cope with day to day life in a calmer, more relaxed manner and helps to bring us out of fight flight and into rest-digest, whilst also allowing the wisdom from the higher mind in to guide us forward on our path as Soul intends. 

Session Times & Price

Group sessions (1 hour) take place on Thursday every 2 weeks at 10-11am and 7-8pm (Booking required) Β£12

Individual sessions (1 hour): Β£20 

Group sessions are currently being run via video/phone call. Individual sessions can take place in-person or via video/phone call.


For those who would like to explore further into this way of being, Mooji provides some excellent guidance through his videos and meditations on how to live free of the busy mind. I can highly recommend browsing through his collection and listening to what you are drawn towards via this link.